Bliss Chocolate Dairy Dessert - 1L

Manufacturer: Clover
Introducing Clover Bliss; the first real, ready to eat chocolate dairy dessert. No whipping, no cooking, no baking, no fuss – just ready to eat indulgence. Pour it, sauce it, or top it! Goodness has never been so naughty!
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Reconstituted Whey Powder
Reconstituted Buttermilk Powder
Reconstituted Milk Protein Concentrate
Cream (Cow’s Milk)
Cocoa Powder (0.85%)
Stabilizers (E407, E415)
Non-nutritive sweeteners (Acesulfame K (E950) and Sodium Cyclamate (E952))
Vitamin Premix (Vitamin A, B2, D)

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